• ParcelForce Fee Changes
    ParceForce are ramping up their carrier fees again! I will absorb those increases for anyone paying for delivery for now, however, I’ve had to raise the free delivery threshold because that seriously bites too hard. Really sorry about that. Of course the best way to avoid delivery charges is to catch me at events I’m doing, or if you can’t make them, drop me a message and perhaps I can arrange to drop something in if I’m in …
  • New Range! Essential Oils And Blends
    I love my essential oils and I know others do too. So I’m releasing various sizes and dilutions (mainly for the most exotic and expensive) from my extensive collection. Depending on how in demand these are I may release more as well as blends of essential oil blends that didn’t quite make it to be a final perfume. If there is a material you would like to see, do drop me a message and I will see if …
  • Incense Range Revisited
    Welcome a range of additional resins, mostly ones I use in perfumery. I adore each and every material and I’m sure you will too. I have also added a double previous size jar to my Kapet loose incense too as that might help those that can’t get enough of that one! Check them out right now….
  • Valentines Day 2023 20% Sale Continues
    My sale continues and is perfect for one you love, or even just yourself. Go on, have a treat… You deserve it.
  • A Slight Change Of Brand
    I’m getting rid of the reference to ‘Pure Ritual’, it was a good idea years ago but doesn’t quite fit the story now. Mind you, the ideas behind it still stand: Good materials, simple design, etc. Therefore a subtle change is taking place and please bear with me while the switch of ‘Pure Ritual’ text on logos etc is changed to ‘Perfumes’. This is an expensive and time consuming process and as a start-up small business not easy …