• Retail Outlet Launch
    I’m excited to announce that my perfume range can now be found at both Walrus and Oyster in Canterbury and The Place to… Deal.
  • Launch Of New Services
    Hello everyone! I’m happy and quite excited to announce the launch of two new services. The first is my Perfume Experience. This gives you or a group the chance to tinker with some natural essential oils and create your own perfume sample. I walk you through my process throughout as we try and pick materials you like. At the end of this you get to keep your creation. More details can be found here. My second new service …
  • Scent Of Dover
    I’m currently working on a scent, or more likely a serious of perfumes that capture various aspects of this wonderful town of Dover, White Cliffs Country. There is much nature and history here which present various elements worthy of capture. I have three so far, the first is of the sea and the rare and valued samphire plant. For my second I have included a number of herbal and florals that can be found up on the wills …